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Головна ПодорожіAll the features of the VIP game at SL Casino Riga
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All the features of the VIP game at SL Casino Riga

SL Casino Riga is a young casino of the famous Shangri La network, which has been operating in the CIS countries for more than 20 years. The gambling house started working in the VIP niche of the Baltic in accordance with the strict standards of the managing company, Storm International, in 2017.

VIP game at SL Casino Riga

This is the fourth Shangri La casino that offers the same high level of service, comfort and privacy as the famous casinos in Minsk, Tbilisi, and Yerevan. An excellent indicator of the brand’s quality are the awards that were given to Shangri La Tbilisi and Shangri La Minsk. They were recognized as the best casinos in their countries because the level of service and attitude to the guests.

The new casino in Latvia is impressive! It is located in the magnificent Grand Hotel Kempinski complex in the center of historical Riga, close to the most notable sights of the country. The building was transformed after the general renovation. SL Casino has its own entrance on the ground floor.

Gambling halls occupy two floors and more than 600 square meters. On the ground floor, there is a spacious slot-hall with the best slot machines of the famous world manufacturers. Here, you can cheer for sports teams in a small sports bar. It has an extensive menu of drinks.

The first floor will impress you with the luxury of the halls for table games. You will find 10 tables with roulette, blackjack, baccarat and other card games here. The lounge area is ideally equipped to relax between game sessions. If you prefer a game with large stakes, be sure to check out the VIP room created specifically for these purposes.

Attentive and friendly staff offers maximum care for guests. About 100 people speaking Russian, English and Latvian receive visitors.

Luxury SL Casino Riga

The renovated casino hotel in Riga has undergone a complete transformation, all the interiors are decorated in an art deco style using luxury items. The image was updated by the famous Alex Kravetz Design studio from London. The company transformed dozens of luxury hotels across Europe and the CIS.
SL Casino interiors are matched to a luxurious complex and are maintained in the same style, but also Shangri La casino in Belarus, Georgia and Armenia. The design is dominated by soft colors and diffused lighting, thanks to which it was possible to achieve the necessary level of comfort. Exclusive wooden furniture, Italian fabrics, English carpets and works of art of the European masters are used in an environment.

The events and drawings in SL Casino
Several times a week, SL Casino hosts events for guests, including prizes and jackpots. Such an entertainment program is the distinctive feature of Shangri La brand. But every casino has its own peculiarities.

In the cold season of 2017-18, the new casino gave out 30 thousand euros in the series of events called "Winter Fun". Spring 2018 is marked by a whole series of lotteries for slot and table games players. Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, the casino offers raffles of additional jackpots of several hundred euros among everyone!

Programs are constantly updated, but you can always find out the current activities on the site sl-casino.lv.

Gaming tours to Riga
For those who prefer a vacation with a gambling accent, SL Casino offers a full range of services and individually planned gaming tours.
You can play on favorable terms for any number of days. The personal manager will compile the program according to the favorite games and events. Guests are welcomed by the magnificent Grand Hotel Kempinski. If necessary, the manager will solve all visa issues, order a flight and organize a transfer, plan a program of entertainment and leisure up to excursions around Riga.

SL Casino offers an extravagant package of VIP services one couldn’t even dream about.
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